I was an ordinary farm girl, growing up in Manitoba, Canada…

Then, one day, my life changed forever.



The video on the left is my story. I tell it at all my speeches. Rather than simply give out facts about me and what I’ve done, I use this story to capture the audience’s interest, encourage them to listen, and to really think. Then I ask them questions about how this story spoke to them and what it brought to mind. Could you do the same with one of your stories? The answer is, “Yes, you can.”

“My love is to find ordinary people like me

and help them tell their extraordinary story

to reach the people they want to reach.

My mission is to impact one million people annually

through Wealth Through Stories.”

— Linda A. Olson

Linda Olson is the Founder & CEO of Wealth Through Stories, international Speaker and Story Expert. After sharing her personal story, she wants to show you how you can tell your story in, Your Story Matters, 3 Breakthrough Secrets to Stories that Transform.

“When I needed to revamp my story, I chose to work with Linda Olson. Linda’s coaching and support helped me transform my 25-minute story to a 6-minute story—something I wasn’t able to achieve for years. This enables me to say yes to more stages, leading to more income and more impact. Linda’s step- by-step approach helps us to write our stories in short, powerful and meaningful ways. Thanks, Linda, for working so closely with me on preparing an inspirational story that can change the lives of many people.”

Iman Aghay

International Expert Speaker, Founder of Ultimate Course Formula

Brene Brown says, “Owning our story and loving ourselves in the process is the bravest thing we will ever do.”

It certainly was for me.

The impact of causing my brother BIlly’s death was immediate, severe, and has lasted all my life. Almost at once, I began to ask the same questions everyone asks in difficult situations.

Through courage, perseverance and an unwavering faith, I was fortunate enough to discover the extraordinary answers that have allowed me to overcome a very difficult situation. With that faith-based boldness, I stepped forward to tell my story to millions who need a message of hope and forgiveness. Through this experience, I became aware of the power and healing ability of storytelling. I discovered I was a good storyteller—  and that with practice and insight I was getting better and better at it. It is with that knowledge and the compelling need to help others, that I started “Wealth Through Stories.”

My brother Billy.

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