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 “His Ways Are Higher:

One Woman’s Journey of Self-Forgiveness

Against Unbeatable Odds”

by Linda A. Olson and C. J. Chatham

“Uncovering The Champion Within:

101 Truths to a Powerful You”

by Linda A. Olson and Kathleen D. Mailer

Let her message help you become the champion you are.

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His Ways Are Higher  |  Uncovering the Champion Within

My Story

More than 200,000 people die of accidental death each year in the United States; my brother was one. When he was 2 and I was 14, I was responsible for the accident that took his life.  No one ever talks about the survivors who were responsible for those accidental deaths. It estimated that number affects more than one million people every year; I am one.

As you can imagine, I have struggled with blame, what if, why, and why did God let this happen?

Over time and with the help of my strong faith and persistence, I have discovered some extraordinary answers to those questions, answers that helped me continue living and grow.

It is my focus in life to tell my story to as many people as I can, and share what I have learned. And, in the process, encourage people like you to speak out about your stories.

I know that stories shared provide both hope and forgiveness in our darkest hours. It is my dream that you will join me and all the other storytellers whose shared stories will some day change the world for at least one person.

Linda Olson Bio

Linda Olson is the Founder of Made for Something More, International speaker, author, coach and CEO of Wealth Through Stories.

One of her greatest strengths is her ability to captivate audiences of every age with her storytelling ability. Large audiences, small groups or a one-on-one contact find their hearts drawn in and are mesmerized by Linda’s passion and inspiration as she unfolds valuable lessons through storytelling and interactive talks.

A professional with more than forty years as a speaker, trainer, counselor & coach, Linda is an expert in helping leaders and entrepreneurs break through to fulfilling their dreams.

As a Marriage & Family therapist she focused on breakthroughs from the inside out.

In her network marketing business, she quickly soared to the top in her company and remained there for a quarter of a century.

As a well-seasoned ministry leader, she created a women’s program at a church of over 5,000 attendees. One of the events involved hosting an annual simulcast that became third largest in the country.

Outside of her entrepreneur role, she loves her role as wife, mother and most of all grandmother. Linda is married to the man of her dreams, Rick Olson, since 1982. They make their home in Palmdale, CA along with their two married daughters, Melinda and Karine, sons-in-law, and adorable grandsons.


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