What Do You Do?

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful September afternoon and I was sitting under a maple tree with golden leaves all around me. I had just started college 300 miles from home. Within three weeks I was given an assignment to write a paper on my...

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Stories Have a Huge Impact

Peter wanted to put a movie together honoring Terry Fox. He gathered all his facts and figures before meeting with the Board in Toronto but was met with much resistance. First, they said he would need 100% support from his parents which was unlikely. Second, he would...

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Owning our Story

The dictionary describes a hero as a champion, conqueror, remarkably brave person or someone admired. If you take a good look, there are hero’s all around you. They may be more of our everyday hero’s who often go without fanfare or even a thank you like the gentleman...

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Is No Really A NO?

Jan attended a networking meeting. Someone she just met approached her attempting to sell her product. Jan. was slightly interested but wasn’t convinced this was the right fit for her based on the knowledge she had. When asked, “Would you like to make a purchase?” she...

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