Mark desired to stay in his private hospital room. He had just had open-heart surgery, three days earlier at a prestigious hospital known for their wonderful care with heart patients. He couldn’t say enough positive things about the care he was receiving.

This particular day Mark had an experience that made him laugh. The door to his private room was a fireproof door. Somehow as the door closed, it locked. Since he was still hooked up to several monitors, he was not allowed to get out of bed without assistance and no hospital staff could get the door open from the other side. One by one the nurses, managers & staff personnel came to the door asking if he was ok. They were concerned about him becoming anxious and an increase in his blood pressure due to the situation. Fortunately, Mark is a real cool, level-headed guy who lay in bed chuckling while others were panicking on the other side of the door. Besides, all the attention made the time go by much more quickly. Finally, the fire department came and broke the lock with an axe. One by one nurses and staff personnel apologized profusely wondering if there was anything they could do for him. Asking to remain in his private room a few more days seemed like a small request.

Laughter is the best medicine. In this case, it also brought additional benefits. Stories can make you laugh even when you hurt.