You know you have a story. In fact, it is a powerful story. But now, that you have been asked to share it, you suddenly have nothing to say. You don’t even know why you agreed to share your story.

Because you don’t want to let your friend or the host of the event down, you know you have to come up with something. But how, will you ever come up with your story and tell it in three to five minutes? If you’ve ever been there, you know exactly what I am talking about. I’ve been there many a time and until I received significant coaching and training on story telling and speaking, I would go through the anxiety and fear wondering if I really had anything to say.

Your story may revolve around a turning point or breakthrough or simple incident in your life. This does not need to be your life story. Story is 25% introduction, 50% conflict and 25% resolution. In a 2-minute story your introduction and resolution may only be one statement each. Keep it simple.

Let me share 3 simple tips that have been helpful in my storytelling journey.

First of all, start with the end in mind. Decide on the key point you want to get across. This becomes your concluding statement or resolution.

Secondly, ask yourself what conflict led up to this? The conflict likely built over a period of time, so consider a few statements that created the conflict and how it kept building.

Thirdly, find a grabbing statement to introduce your story to catch people’s attention.

If it sounds too simple, it’s because story is simple, once you see the pattern and experience the fun of telling story.