The last few winters I have worked on a beautiful 3,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle of African animals. You may have seen it. Last year I found myself using a different strategy that seemed to be quite effective. As I gathered the pieces of the zebra, I separated them from the giraffe, the lions, the elephant, the rhino and hippo. When I was ready to work on one of the animals, I already had most of the pieces gathered together.

Many times what seemed to be a good fit was not a fit at all. There were some days that piece after piece would go in smoothly and the next time, nothing seemed to come together. However, if I would strategize long enough, in time, it would all come together.

Dishes-Kitchen-300x200_85367244_s-2015One day, as I took a break and cleaned out the dishwasher, I noticed that I gathered all the glasses together on the counter, then the small plates, big plates and so forth. It dawned on me that I used the same approach with cleaning out the dishwasher as I did with setting the puzzle.

What we do in one thing we do in all things. That’s what positioning is all about. If I am persistent in one area, I will be persistent in others. If I enjoy a good challenge with one thing, I’ll enjoy a good challenge with other things.

One of the goals for this blog is to position you to become a good storyteller. Storytelling is a skill and most of us may think we don’t have any good stories. That is not the case at all. It’s a matter of finding and learning to craft a good story.

Stories position you for success.