Three steps to Maximize your Story, Part A

I was challenged with my friend’s statement in his email when he said,

“I’m grateful for my health.  I’m grateful for my relationships with friends near & far.

But mostly, I’m grateful for every failure I’ve endured along the way.”

I stopped at that point to reflect on my life and ask myself, could I say, “I’m grateful for every failure I’ve endured along the way”? Could you say that?

How do you position yourself to find your story?

Here are two key ways:

The first is embracing and maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

The second is taking the time to journal experiences that impact your everyday life


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Enjoy your 2020 story

The One Thing that will Keep You from Maximizing 2020

It’s easy to be grateful for the positive things in life but what about the things that don’t go so well. I received an email from a friend of mine that said,

“I’m going to let you in on a secret…
MONEY will return, your TIME won’t.
At this point in my life I’m rich in friendships and wealthy in happiness. Everything else, well that’s just icing on the cake.”

As I reflected on this, my next thought was, and OPPORTUNITY won’t return either.  We will have opportunities right in front of us, in plain sight, that we will miss and later regret or intentionally let them pass by if we are not alert, prepared or positioned. Positioning is best defined as, “What we do with one thing, we do with all things.”

The One thing that will keep you from maximizing your 2020 story is failing to Position yourself.

Enjoy your 2020 story,

How to Simplify and Celebrate the Reason for the Season

How do you keep the real reason for the Christmas season in perspective?

If you could interview the most celebrated woman today to discover her secret to living a fulfilled life, what would you want to ask her?

Mary, the mother of Jesus, remains the most celebrated woman of all times. Although we are not able to personally interview her, we can find out Mary’s secret, the basis of her story, through several Biblical references. Two important principles reflected in her life are:

  1. The foundation of everything you do is based on who you are, your story
  2. Remain FOCUSED on what you believe, deep within your heart.

Enjoy the Christmas season.

How to Simplify & Position Yourself for the Best Year Ever – 2020

Dreams, visions and goals give us purpose. Our story is who we are. Our dreams or vision reflect what we do with who we are. However, it is only with a strong WHY that you will actually fulfill your dream. So how do you know when your WHY is strong enough? Discover the answer as you review five basic steps to fulfilling your dream.


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How to Simplify Your Story Without Putting Your Business on Hold

Many times you may not realize why you are uncomfortable or tend to procrastinate with certain tasks. The truth is you often allow the rejection of your past to drive your present story. Once you take a deeper dive into your story and recognize the source of your rejection it will not only free up your present story but affect your future story. In three basic steps you can turn your story around and enjoy a freedom you never knew was possible.

Sign up for a complimentary 20-minute Story Strategy session and enjoy a new freedom. It’s my gift to you. 

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How to Simplify Your Holiday Preparation Story in 30 Minutes or Less

How often do you feel like stepping into the holiday season is stepping into the season of overwhelm? Rather than finding the joy in the season you find yourself dreading the many things that need to be done. Oswald Chambers says, “Simplicity is the secret to seeing things clearly.” In that case, how do you simplify your “Holiday Preparation Story” story in 30 minutes or less? By breaking down your tasks in five simple steps, you can bring clarity, simplicity and a sense of order to your life.


Simplify your holiday season with 30-minute tasks. It allows me to get past the overwhelm. I hope it works for you as well.