How to Simplify Your Story Without Putting Your Business on Hold

Many times you may not realize why you are uncomfortable or tend to procrastinate with certain tasks. The truth is you often allow the rejection of your past to drive your present story. Once you take a deeper dive into your story and recognize the source of your rejection it will not only free up your present story but affect your future story. In three basic steps you can turn your story around and enjoy a freedom you never knew was possible.

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How to Simplify Your Holiday Preparation Story in 30 Minutes or Less

How often do you feel like stepping into the holiday season is stepping into the season of overwhelm? Rather than finding the joy in the season you find yourself dreading the many things that need to be done. Oswald Chambers says, “Simplicity is the secret to seeing things clearly.” In that case, how do you simplify your “Holiday Preparation Story” story in 30 minutes or less? By breaking down your tasks in five simple steps, you can bring clarity, simplicity and a sense of order to your life.


Simplify your holiday season with 30-minute tasks. It allows me to get past the overwhelm. I hope it works for you as well.

How To Simplify Your Story by Giving to Yourself

When you are exhausted and don’t know how to turn things around, you may often react and chose to do nothing. It’s an all or nothing mentality. However, if you have committed to various activities, people are counting on you. You can turn things around by remembering the greatest gift of generosity is to yourself. If you take care of yourself with taking time to exercise, eat well and get the needed rest, there will be time and energy to fulfill your commitments.


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The Power of Gratitude, Part 5, A Weapon Against Discouragement

What are you grateful for?

Although it was a lengthy journey to healing, I know without question, I wouldn’t be impacting millions of people through story today if I had not become grateful for and owned my story.

Every journey of healing begins with a first step. For me, it was giving thanks.

Bill Burns says, Gratitude is a mighty weapon against discouragement and defeat.” It increases our breakthroughs. It certainly did for me.

The Power of Gratitude, Part 4, Enables you to Tell A Better Story

The Power of Gratitude, Part 4, Enables you to Tell A Better Story

How do you respond when things don’t work out as planned?

Things were basically out of my control and I had to step into a new level of faith that things would work out. That began with the power of gratitude. It was as simple as reflecting on all the positive things that had worked out and believing this would work out too.

Paula White says, “Crises will shake you but gratitude will stabilize you.


The Power of Gratitude, Part 3, The Secret to Connecting

Power of Gratitude 3, Simple Secret #4.

We’ve talked about 3 Simple secrets to Connecting: 1. Be grateful, 2. Take Initiative, 3. Take a Genuine Interest. Secret #4 may be the most powerful one of all – Listening from the heart.

At our first Story Retreat, we had opportunity to hear each other’s stories. One particular lady came with a big story but was still working through her healing process. I listened attentively and gave her my undivided attention.

When it came time to give my offer, she was the first one to say, “Where do I sign?”

Everyone has a story to tell and most people are dying to tell it. They just need a listening ear. As you approach someone with a heart of gratitude and LISTEN to their stories, you will be giving them one of the greatest gifts possible.

Shanda Sumpter says, “Connection equals currency.” Listening from the heart is the best way to connect with someone and connection leads to currency.

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