Strengthening Your Story, Part A

What’s the toughest thing you have ever given thanks for? Was it for someone who offended you, betrayed you, perhaps a boss who fired you?

Right now, may be one of those difficult times for you to say, “thanks.”

Regardless of where you are in your journey, “giving thanks” is more powerful than any of us realize.

To help us rise above the chaos and confusion and strengthen our story, I have developed a “ 21 Day Gratitude Challenge” beginning Tuesday, March 31st.

It’s a simple challenge but can make a huge difference if you follow through with it.

If you aren’t already a member of Amazing Storyteller’s facebook group, ask to join. (It’s the one with the butterfly). The daily interaction will be happening there.

  1. Record 10 things each day that you are grateful for in a notebook or on the computer. Then post in Amazing Storyteller’s the highlight of your day. There isn’t anything too small to be grateful for.
  2. Consider one thing you want to get out of this challenge and post it on Facebook. It may be a daily positive attitude, it may be something you want to accomplish, it may be a focused time of personal growth. It can be whatever you want it to be. You can make this challenge as small or as big as you want, but be sure it is a challenge for you. I’ve decided to do this challenge with you. I’ve decided to focus on three things: clarity, courage and connection. Because I want to be sure I can measure my growth, I will break this down to several things I will do to bring clarity, several things I will do to step out in more courage and also several things to increase my connections. We will talk more about this in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, choose a challenge for yourself and remember to post it in the Amazing Storytellers facebook group.
  3. Like and comment as you support others who are participating in the challenge. Also, don’t forget to tag others inviting them to participate in the challenge.

See you in the facebook group.

How Does The Coronavirus Affect Your Story, Part B

Deanne, my husband’s mother was airlifted to the hospital in Phoenix earlier this week where she is still under-going tests. This week was Rick’s parents 67th Anniversary. For 67 years his Dad has faithfully stayed by his wife’s side and is an incredible caregiver. Since she is in the hospital this week and the hospital is not allowing any visitors, even a spouse, he is not able to even hold her hand or give her a kiss on their Anniversary. We are all affected by this crises.

Here is the good news.

Regardless of the chaos around you, you can maintain peace that is beyond reaction to circumstances. Here are 4 ideas:

  1. Take precautionary measures
  2. Consider fasting for either health reasons or spiritual reasons or both.
  3. Looks for ways to reach out to others.
  4. Plan ahead

This is not the end of your story. How you respond now will position your for what is yet to come. Most importantly, remember, your story matters.

Story Lost, Story Found, Part D

What happens when someone has deeply hurt you. You have forgiven him/her but because it is a business situation such as a co-worker or a family situation, you are not able to “get away” or move on? These things happen all the time and are not easy to deal with.

However, there are some important principles to consider as you explore your options.

At Wealth Through Stories LIVE I will demonstrate how my painful story became the biggest tool in transforming a potential lead to becoming a paying client. This one powerful tool alone is worth your entire investment. Sign up now before we are filled up. Just go to and use coupon code wtsmember to sign up. I look forward to seeing you.

Story Lost, Story Found, Part C

“As I communicated with one of the other applicants, I was encouraged to hear that as part of her story, she doesn’t hang on to the hurts, much less get stuck there. In fact, it is a significant part of her bigger story.”

She proceeded to tell me how many people she had coached who tend to get stuck in a major hurt or disappointment and sometimes STOP doing life. I, too, have experienced that as I’ve worked with many different people over and over again.

The key to moving on with our story goes back to our definition of “positioning”. What we do with one thing, we do with all things.

Remember, Your Story Matters

Story Lost, Story Found, Part B

I had been invited to apply to a TEDx stage since their theme aligned with my story. This unexpected invitation triggered an inner excitement. Then, what got me even more excited was the possibility of inviting two others who really wanted to get on the TEDx platform to also apply. I followed through the proper channels to make sure the application process was still open before I invited them. It was. We each put our best foot forward, and followed through with each step. Each one submitted a quality video and patiently waited for the results. Much to our disappointment, none of us were chosen. The secret to finding value in your story, even though you may be uncertain whether you have a story is discovering the lessons you can learn through your everyday situations.

Enjoy your 2020 story

Three steps to Maximize your Story, Part C

Tom was a financial planner who wanted to be the kind of person who could stop the casual communication in a room when he entered. He knew that if he could make that kind of impact with co-workers, he could make that kind of impact with clients. He also realized that the same skill of impact could be used at home to influence his teenage sons. And he did! The key to positioning to tell your story is having clarity around the purpose of your story.


At Wealth Through Stories LIVE, we will position you to reach the people you want to reach through story. By the end of our event, you will not only know how to find stories with ease, you will have a simple story framework and know how to be sure you are reaching the person you want to reach. To register for Wealth Through Stories LIVE on March 13-14, go to With this New Year, I want everyone who knows they have a story or even if you aren’t sure you have a story to join us, so am offering you a $100 coupon to sign up. Just put in the code: wtsmember when you sign up.

Enjoy your 2020 story