Stepping Out Stronger, Part C

Many people have shared with me, that they realize how they have taken so much for granted and hope to never lose the attitude of gratitude. They are so grateful for their health, for family, for the everyday things.


Since there has been a major shift to on-line, many businesses will find that running their business on-line is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. I spoke to someone recently who ran his podcast and Television business out of his studio with lots of help. To keep everything running he had to quickly shift everything to his home and said many things are going to change. Someone else, who owned a restaurant had to let their staff go, give them a few weeks of pay and close their business. As they re-opened their business, it was the perfect time to make the necessary changes, rehire the staff that proved to be great workers and change the menu.


Whatever changes you have chosen to make, the key is continuing to do this. Continue to be grateful, to consider the positive things that have happened, to enjoy being together as family. It’s now part of your new story.

Stepping Out Stronger, Part B

What would normally be a half-hour smooth sailing canoe trip had become a few hours of struggle through heavy waves and wind. When we, along with the other canoers arrived at shore, we were exhausted. 


We had a lovely hot dinner waiting for us and boy, did we eat. I expected the girls would be furious with me for making them paddle. I was prepared for the negative talk and bickering during dinner but much to my surprise, these girls were ecstatic. They had had a HUGE breakthrough. They were angry but perhaps for the first time in their life, couldn’t run. They resisted but it didn’t last. They had a choice; either they listened to their leader and followed the instructions or we would end up washed up on another Island, wait for who knows how long for the storm to pass, without any food. 

The girls, after much resistance, changed their mindsets, followed the instructions of their leader and experienced victory. What they learned could have taken months for us to teach them and it wouldn’t have had half the impact this experience had.

Don’t waste the storm. Look intently, at what worked and what didn’t work. What changes have you made in this past month as you weather the storm of the Coronavirus Crises?  What did you learn about yourself in the last 30 days?

Your openness to learn and grow through this time is part of your story.

Stepping Out Stronger, Part A

With the pandemic that we have been dealing with, you have heard many different messages, many different voices. So, how do you know what to believe?

  1. The first thing you want to do is Listen Closely.

Many people panicked, especially at the beginning of the outbreak which led to hoarding of toilet paper, water and basic food items. As I finally made my way through Costco on one of those unexpected early days of the onset of this virus, I saw the faces filled with panic and fear. These voices were loud. There were no smiles. No one stopped to talk to the person next to them. It was just pushing your cart through to keep going. Every person to himself.


Then as I listened to several leaders on-line, I heard a completely different voice. One leader said, “We’ve been through crises before and came out on top and we will get through this one, too. We will show you HOW to pivot in a time of crises. You can be sure they had everyone’s attention.

  1. Secondly Choose wisely

Which voice will you LISTEN to? It is the voice of fear and panic that leads to greed and selfishness or is it the voice of generosity that leads to more influence, more impact and more service.

Strengthening Your Story, Part D

Connection equals currency.

As you position yourself to GIVE GENEROUSLY through on-line programs, prepare to strengthen your story or connect with people you haven’t connected with for some time or perhaps never met. If you do this, you are setting yourself up to Thrive. I am thrilled that several of the attendees of the Story Retreat have stepped forward during this season wanting to strengthen their story by either writing their book or learning to tell their story. They are positioning themselves for more clarity and clarity brings more success.

During this 21 Day Gratitude Challenge, besides stepping up in courage and clarity, I have chosen to intentionally step up with more connections and deeper connections. If any of you have followed me on facebook, you know that my facebook posts have not been real consistent. For the 21-day challenge and hopefully beyond, I am committed to posting every day in Amazing Storytellers as well as another group I’m in. I have also taken some of my programs on-line to develop a deeper connection. Having this kind of focused impact has already made a difference in my income particularly through an intense month. Connection equals currency.

Although our 21 day Challenge is coming to a close soon, it is not too late to jump on Amazing Storytellers Facebook page and join us for the last week. I want to hear what you have been up to and how I can help you strengthen your story. If you would like a 20 minute Story Strategy session, just go to www.wealththroughstories.com to sign up. I would love to hear about your story.

Strengthening Your Story, Part C

“Simplicity is the secret to seeing things clearly.” What you do from a physical perspective will also bring clarity to your mindset. In January, I decided to do some major housecleaning. I not only cleaned the house but room by room I sorted, organized and got rid of the clutter. Within a few weeks I had several trash bags full of stuff I wanted to get rid of, had made 4 trips to the local thrift shop and neatly organized the things I decided to keep. Getting rid of the clutter allowed me to think more clearly, work more efficiently and enjoy our home even more than I did before. Very simply, it gave me clarity.

For the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge, I decided I wanted MORE Clarity and would achieve that in 3 ways:

One, do another level of deep cleaning, particular with drawers and shelves I didn’t get to before, choosing one thing each week.

Secondly, I have chosen to do some form of exercise daily for at least 15 minutes a day, such as going for a walk, jumping on our mini trampoline or getting on the exercise bike.

Thirdly, I have chosen to eliminate sugar, honey and caffeine from my diet in the next 21 days. These 3 things have already given me more energy, more inspiration and more clarity.

How do you get more clarity?

We would love to hear from you.

Strengthening Your Story, Part B

It’s so much easier to focus on your weaknesses and things that aren’t working but it is your strengths that will get you through the tough times. It takes a lot of courage to step beyond your weaknesses and focus on your strengths when you are feeling down. Here is a little exercise that can help you.

  1. Write the words I AM followed with your top 3 strengths on a 3×5 card or ½ sheet of paper. If you don’t know what your top 3 strengths are ask some of your best friends or family members. You may be surprised what they come up with.
  2. On the other side, write the initials for the days of the week. S, M, T …
  3. Every time, you feel discouraged, say “STOP”, repeat the statement, I AM and whatever strengths you came up with. Say your strengths out loud. Then put a check under whatever day of the week it is. If you say this and really mean it, each time discouragement comes knocking, you will find yourself focused on your strengths versus getting caught up thinking about your weaknesses. This powerful little tool will allow you to go from discouragement to more courage within minutes or even seconds.

Let me know how this exercise worked for you by posting below.

Remember, your story matters.