Have you ever counted how many decisions, big and small, you make in one day? In reality, every decision is wrapped around a conflict. The conflict may be as simple as do I do this right now or do I postpone it until later and focus on something else.

Every good story has conflict. Just like every great movie has conflict, in fact, lots of conflict. Conflict is the way the movie producer, the author, the storyteller draws us in because conflict is the way we connect with one another. It is something we can all relate to.

Two key elements of any great story are conflict and resolution. A key point to remember is behind every conflict is a resolution. Also, behind every resolution is a new conflict.

The book, The Race, includes an inspirational poem which tells the story of a boy in a race who trips and falls not once, not twice, but three times! Each time the boy hits the ground, he wants to give up. But, as Dee Gorberg says, three is not the important number – one is. All you have to do is get up one more time than you fall. In storytelling all you need is one more resolution than you have conflict.

Someone has said,Every sunrise is the beginning of a new story. Where will yours begin?” Rather than look at your next conflict as something negative, consider it as the beginning of your new story.