Most speakers ask why things are not working like they use to. It used to be as long as you gave a motivational or inspirational talk your audience usually went home happy. However, this is no longer the case.

Zig Ziglar was often asked why motivation doesn’t last. His response was, “Bathing doesn’t either.” It is something you have to do daily.

Today, people are hurting too much to be content with some inspiration or motivation. They are looking for something that will meet a deeper need in their life.

So what does your audience want? Research tells us that we remember 7% of what we hear, 23% of what we see and 70% of what we experience. Above anything else your audience wants to experience you. Today, they can find information and facts on most topics just by goggling it on their computer but they cannot experience you unless they interact with you.

So, how can your audience experience you? There are a number of ways they can experience you, but the best way is through story. Consider, when is the last time you heard a speaker and walked away remembering a good story or a joke he or she told? Sometimes that is all you remember because it is the one thing that grabbed your attention.

The most dangerous trend facing speakers today is to continue to do things like we did before. People relate differently today than they did even five or ten years ago. If you want to connect with your audience, embrace and learn the skill of good storytelling.