A few days ago, I stepped into Costco to purchase several things I needed for the Story Retreat along with our regular groceries. Much to my surprise people had lined up since 7am and walking in was like herding cattle. I felt like people were going for their last meal or bottle of water and panicked when they announced that they were out of toilet paper. As I watched people’s faces, I saw the panic and fear. I found myself, wanting to pick up whatever I needed as quickly as possible and get out of there. Of course, nothing was moving quickly.


Your story, whether that is your attitude or actions; positive or negative, affect the people around you. If you want to make a bigger difference and be the change-maker you are called to be, you need to be willing to take a deep dive into your story and there is no place  better to do that than the Wealth Through Stories LIVE, our Story Retreat.


Our Retreat last weekend was WOW, WOW, WOW. We had people at our Retreat who are making a huge impact. Barb, TV host and producer interviews ordinary people to tell their extraordinary story. This story live streams to 161 countries. Kristine, who just won #1 in the local club as well as Toastmasters chapter contest on “Influence” is affecting an entire nation. She will soon be competing on a Regional level and from there hoping to be on her way to Paris competing at an International level. At our special event we listened to a video speech which was submitted to a TEDx event from our youngest attendee, only 16 years old, who is applying to Stanford. We also heard from a 78-year old story-teller who wrote her book to pass on stories to her children and grandchildren. Then there were several who I knew, but hardly recognized because they stepped into their story with a new boldness.


Join us in October and learn how you can make a huge difference with your story.