Deanne, my husband’s mother was airlifted to the hospital in Phoenix earlier this week where she is still under-going tests. This week was Rick’s parents 67th Anniversary. For 67 years his Dad has faithfully stayed by his wife’s side and is an incredible caregiver. Since she is in the hospital this week and the hospital is not allowing any visitors, even a spouse, he is not able to even hold her hand or give her a kiss on their Anniversary. We are all affected by this crises.

Here is the good news.

Regardless of the chaos around you, you can maintain peace that is beyond reaction to circumstances. Here are 4 ideas:

  1. Take precautionary measures
  2. Consider fasting for either health reasons or spiritual reasons or both.
  3. Looks for ways to reach out to others.
  4. Plan ahead

This is not the end of your story. How you respond now will position your for what is yet to come. Most importantly, remember, your story matters.