Only one thing is worse than being in denial, and that is not knowing you are in denial.


Fifteen years after the accident I met with a therapist who walked me step-by-step through the guilt that was buried so deep.


My own thoughts immediately refuted what I had just heard. But, how could I ever forgive myself for killing this precious little boy?


Perhaps you are saying,  

“But he is the one who had the affair…”

“But she is the one who told me…”

“But he betrayed me and I was helpless…”

I understand. I felt helpless as well.

But as I grew up and took on bigger responsibilities, one thing became clear: if I was going to recover completely from this tragedy in my life and go on to fully live the life I was meant to live, I had to take 100% of the responsibility that was mine to take.

Step 3. Take 100% of the responsibility that is yours