Step 4. Forgive Yourself

It seems like no matter where we have been or what we have done, this step seems ninety stories high. How in the world will we ever scale the heights of this one?

But this step is key; this is where the other steps have led. Forgiving others and forgiving yourself is absolutely essential if you hope to live in the freedom you deserve. They allow us to simply let go. 


Self-forgiveness is what allows us to let go of our offense, of the emotional pain that accuses us, holds us back, and threatens to undo us. Forgiving ourselves frees us to “let go” emotionally of the part of ourselves that is to blame, freeing us to start again on a path in life that leads to enjoying life to the fullest.


Self-forgiveness is the KEY to letting go of the past that won’t let go of you. But, how do you do that?