Sally just signed up to be part of a network marketing business. She was excited but felt she needed to know everything about the company before she could invite someone to her first gathering. After all, why would anyone want to attend if she is not knowledgeable about the company? This is where we often mess up.

Whether you are in a new business, restarting a previous business, or working as a volunteer we often feel like we need to understand everything about the company or organization before we can tell anyone about it.

Do you know that 85% of influencing others to look at our new business or our opportunity is enthusiasm? Only 15% is skill. If the person has more questions, the best thing you can do is introduce this person to someone who is active in the business and has a passion for what they are doing. You will then learn alongside them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your excitement. Every day that passes is an opportunity missed. In fact, if Sally wants to become very successful, the best thing she can do is work closely with the person who told her about the business, set a date for a gathering the next week and invite everyone she can think of that may have a need for her product.

In the same way, don’t wait until you have your story perfected. If you are excited about a new experience or story, share it with someone. Your enthusiasm will override any mess-ups or mistakes. What people want above anything else is to see the authenticity because that is what they can relate to.