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 “His Ways Are Higher:

One Woman’s Journey of Self-Forgiveness

Against Unbeatable Odds”

by Linda A. Olson and C. J. Chatham

“Uncovering The Champion Within:

101 Truths to a Powerful You”

by Linda A. Olson

Let her message help you become the champion you are.

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His Ways Are Higher  |  Uncovering the Champion Within

International Amazon Bestseller

Amazon Bestseller in 7 countries in multiple categories

My Story

She was 10 when she caught the entrepreneurial bug. Her idea was simple, effective and something she knew well. Linda Olson packaged garden seeds and sold them for 10 cents a pack on her bicycle farm to farm. She was bit by the bug! She says it simply, “I learned more about the importance of developing trust and strength through relationships than I knew was possible. The biggest surprise was that people loved paying me for my seeds. There was nothing hard about it.” Thus began a true entrepreneurial journey in the mastering of a million dollar, money-making skill. A journey that only 4 years later saved her when in a moment her sweet, innocent life turned to darkness, an unimaginable sorrow.

What does a young person do when they are derailed from what they thought life was? What happens when life was, only a moment ago, a benevolent, sweet – and in the next moment darker than even the most imaginable nightmare? Truth be told, – It breaks you – Or you break it! It took work, – but Linda Olson broke it. She shattered it! Not in a moment but in weeks, months, and years of dedication to the development and sharing of relationship skills forged by the fire of necessity.

And so Linda Olson became one of those rare people that life seems to direct unabashedly to their destiny. She became a master at guiding entrepreneurs, business men & women, speakers, authors, consultants, and leaders into the very success they had tried so hard to create. Her work does not come with a magic wand, even though the outcomes she creates tend to leave even the strongest with mouth agape at the results.

Like her upbringing, Linda has a simple (if not always easy) clear and even delicious way of breaking down excuses, of creating surprising change that sticks, of calming the ego and awakening new pathways, and of directing higher intelligence into the relationships at work, home and with self.

Those looking for a pretend fix are not Linda’s clients. She works with the companies and organizations and leaders that are sincere about change – with Linda Olson it’s about creating life changing, eye opening, deep relief from the very things that sabotage the success of the individual and the entire company/organization.

If you, your company, organization, leaders, even your industry has been holding your breath waiting, wishing, hoping to create change that will last, – well, Linda Olson is the unexpected exhale you have been waiting for.

Linda Olson Bio

Linda A Olson, an international speaker and sought-after Brand Story expert is the Founder & CEO of Wealth Through Stories. This former college dean, marriage and family therapist and award winning entrepreneur combines decades of public – speaking and writing experience with her own moving story to form the basis of her latest book, Your Story Matters! 3 Breakthrough Secrets to Stories That Transform.

As a speaker, Linda captivates audiences with engaging storytelling and thought-provoking questions.

As a trainer, Linda inspires and motivates her clients to learn quickly and remember more so that they can utilize valuable skills both personally and professionally.

As a brand story coach, Linda is an expert at helping business owners, entrepreneurs and speakers break through perceived barriers to discover their brand stories for maximum impact. She says it like this:

“I take your life-experience

and turn it into the transformation

of lives by helping you

find power and wealth in your story.”

Outside of her entrepreneur role, she loves her role as wife, mother and most of all grandmother. Linda is married to the man of her dreams, Rick Olson, since 1982. They make their home in Southern California along with their two married daughters, sons-in-law and adorable grandchildren who are the best part of her story.

”If you have ever wondered what it would be like to tell your story, Your Story Matters! 3 Breakthrough Secrets to Stories That Transform will give you the traction you need to get started. You will learn the importance and value of your personal stories as well as the practical how-to’s on clearing away myths that keep you from telling your story, studying a roadmap that will empower you with your own story, and gaining insights that are highlighted with memorable anecdotes from Linda’s personal journey and the experiences of others. It’s all there in this easy-to-read book. I highly recommend it.”

Richard G Bergen, MA

President, Misao Maraba, Brazil,

“Linda Olson has unlocked the key to gaining trust, connection, and credibility. Through story, you can build your business in an effective, meaningful way. I highly recommend you read Your Story Matters! 3 Breakthrough Secrets to Stories That Transform today!”

Terilee Harrison

International Speaker, Author, Entreprenneur, Book Coach,

You have a story that others are waiting to hear. And if you don’t tell it, who will?

Your story is the greatest gift you have been given. Everything you do is in one way or another based on your story. “Your Story Matters! 3 Breakthrough Secrets to Stories That Transform” will give you the clarity, courage & confidence to get started with your story.

Sandy Weinberg, Author & Hospice Chaplain writes,

Linda has compiled all you need in this compact, easy-to-read and delightfully engaging book to get you started on sharing your story. You will find gem after gem, like I did, as you discover the tips, tools and techniques Linda condensed easily to prepare and guide you along every step of the way. As a successful author and effective story-teller she has already helped countless men and women find their voice (including me) and you can be assured that you’re next!

Tucked away in the back of the book, I’ve included a $100 coupon towards our 3-day Retreat called Wealth Through Stories LIVE. I would love to have you join us.

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