What lies have you believed about yourself?

Eventually I realized I couldn’t be honest with anyone until I was honest with myself. So that was the first lie that I addressed.  Soon I learned how to describe what had happened in such a way as to identify with others about tragedies in their lives. That took care of others looking down on me. Then, several months later, I met “the man of my dreams” and realized I would have to examine the third lie, the one that whispered, “If he knows what you have really done — he will have nothing to do with you!” By then I was strong enough to realize that if he couldn’t accept my story as it was, we were not meant for each other. I faced the lie forthrightly, standing on truth, and was triumphant to watch the lie dissolve before my eyes. My soon-to-be husband not only accepted my story, but his heart was tender and compassionate in hearing what I had experienced.

What lies do you believe? Dig deep here. Ponder the setting of the negative emotion, the characters involved in the denial. Recognize they all have played a part in your story and they, in essence, have wanted to own you. Rise up and take back your story. This is your book, your life.