How do you boldly write a “brave new ending” to your story?

Writing your story yourself, without being stuck, gives not only freedom from long-held emotional chains but hope and purpose for tomorrow. This is your story, unique and rare. You get to put your own spin on it, to write it from your perspective. You get to write with a sense of peace and tranquility or from a position of urgency.  You may “write your story” to let others know your history, and to inspire and encourage them to walk through the process themselves.

What is your story? Your story. Beautiful, brave, and owned by you, written with love, compassion, and great hope.  A story written to inspire yourself, your closest loved ones, and the masses. Perhaps your story will change history. Who knows?

But this one thing we do know:  If you have followed all the steps, you have just accomplished the bravest thing you will ever do. You own your story without it owning you.

So, boldly do Step five, Write With Courage because, Your Story Matters