Do you ever feel like you are ready to tell your story, speak to a group you have never spoken to or give a toast at your best friend’s wedding? If you are anything like most people the answer is NO.

There is always one more thing to change, to update, to edit or a better way to tell your story. So, when will you finally be ready?

The sweaty palms, the heart racing or the dry mouth may indicate you are not ready but there comes a time when you have to step forward or you will never be ready. Breaking through the fear doesn’t happen when you calm down and wait for the anxiety to disappear. Breakthrough happens when you step forward with courage regardless of the anxiety and fears. It is only then, that the fear subsides and you calm down.

At the college I attended, all freshmen students were required to take a communications class. That included giving 3 to 5 minutes speeches. I was terrified. I tried everything to get out of that class but didn’t succeed. I don’t know if you believe in prayer, but that was all I could think of. I made 5 of my closest friends in the class promise they would pray they entire 3 minutes I was giving my speech. It worked. With face flushed and cotton mouth, I got enough courage to walk in front of the class and spit out the words on my paper. After catching my breath, I finally relaxed and realized what a big breakthrough this was for me.

No one is ready until they step forward regardless of how they feel.