What would normally be a half-hour smooth sailing canoe trip had become a few hours of struggle through heavy waves and wind. When we, along with the other canoers arrived at shore, we were exhausted. 


We had a lovely hot dinner waiting for us and boy, did we eat. I expected the girls would be furious with me for making them paddle. I was prepared for the negative talk and bickering during dinner but much to my surprise, these girls were ecstatic. They had had a HUGE breakthrough. They were angry but perhaps for the first time in their life, couldn’t run. They resisted but it didn’t last. They had a choice; either they listened to their leader and followed the instructions or we would end up washed up on another Island, wait for who knows how long for the storm to pass, without any food. 

The girls, after much resistance, changed their mindsets, followed the instructions of their leader and experienced victory. What they learned could have taken months for us to teach them and it wouldn’t have had half the impact this experience had.

Don’t waste the storm. Look intently, at what worked and what didn’t work. What changes have you made in this past month as you weather the storm of the Coronavirus Crises?  What did you learn about yourself in the last 30 days?

Your openness to learn and grow through this time is part of your story.