Many people have shared with me, that they realize how they have taken so much for granted and hope to never lose the attitude of gratitude. They are so grateful for their health, for family, for the everyday things.


Since there has been a major shift to on-line, many businesses will find that running their business on-line is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. I spoke to someone recently who ran his podcast and Television business out of his studio with lots of help. To keep everything running he had to quickly shift everything to his home and said many things are going to change. Someone else, who owned a restaurant had to let their staff go, give them a few weeks of pay and close their business. As they re-opened their business, it was the perfect time to make the necessary changes, rehire the staff that proved to be great workers and change the menu.


Whatever changes you have chosen to make, the key is continuing to do this. Continue to be grateful, to consider the positive things that have happened, to enjoy being together as family. It’s now part of your new story.