The Unexpected Changes Lives

While on vacation, my husband and I stepped into our favorite grocery store. Just then a van pulled up in front of the store. The lady got out, walked around the front of the van, opened the slider, and pulled down the ramp. Within moments, two young girls wheeled down the ramp with their motorized vehicles. Both of them had cerebral palsy. They giggled and laughed as they went down one aisle and up the other. A short time later one of the young clerks gave each of the girls a bouquet of flowers. Then he said to one of the girls, “Since it is your birthday today, I would like you to choose a bouquet of balloons.”

Then he announced over the intercom, “I would like everyone to come to the front of the store and help us sing, ‘Happy Birthday’. Today is Amy’s 11th birthday. Amy smiled from ear to ear.

I walked out thinking what a kind gesture at a grocery story. Who would have guessed? I wondered if he knew these young girls.

My curiosity got the best of me. A year later we entered the same grocery store and much to my surprise, the young man was still working there.

I asked for a few minutes of his time, and reminded him of the circumstances. He clearly remembered the girls. I asked if he knew them.

He said, “Never saw them before, never saw them again.”

Then, I said, “How did you know it was Amy’s birthday?”

He sheepishly put down his head and said, “You never know what you hear while sorting the fruits and vegetables.”

Stories appear when you least expect them.