My daughter, 18-month old grandson, Lincoln, and I had just landed at the Minneapolis airport. We grabbed a quick bite and hurried to our next gate only to discover the plane we were to fly out on had not yet arrived. We sat on the floor next to the big window to watch the action outside. The pilots and flight attendants were seated near the front window patiently waiting for the plane to come in. Lincoln was so intrigued with the vehicle carrying the luggage; he looked at the pilot and said loudly, “LOOK, LOOK”. Fortunately, the pilot was kid friendly. He bent over and said, “Yes, and look at all the lights.” Next, Lincoln entertained himself with the buckles on one of the flight attendants suitcase. Shortly afterward, he attempted to find an opening as he escaped from his Mom and I to race as far as he could, giggling all the way. Just about the time the plane arrived, a lightening storm hit and we were delayed another three hours. Although way past his bedtime, Lincoln loved all the attention and put a smile on any face he got near.

By the time we boarded the flight, we seem to be known by the pilots, flight attendants and a number of passengers all commenting on what an incredible fun little guy Lincoln was. One of the flight attendants immediately arranged for my daughter and I to sit together. Then, although Lincoln was a lap child, she also arranged for an extra seat next to Mom if we needed it.

Stories can lead to unexpected favor.