Two men were laboring in a courtyard in Italy. They sat in the heat of the noonday sun drenched in sweat, chiseling blocks of marble.

One man’s face was downcast, shoulders bent, muscles strained and a priest walking through the courtyard stopped and said

“What are you doing, my son?”

Without looking up, he said, “I’m chipping stone.”

The priest turned to the other man, his shoulders too were bent, muscles strained but his face had a warm smile and his eyes were filled with joy and passion.

“What are you doing?” he said.

“I’m building a cathedral.” Author Unknown.

These two men were looking at exactly the same thing

One man was a stone chipper; the other was a cathedral builder.

One man was fulfilling a job,

The other man was fulfilling a calling to greatness.

The only difference was Vision.

Imagine you met two employers who were both hiring.

They were brothers, in fact, twin brothers.

They had the same background and the same education.

They were both starting a new company.

One had a vision for his new company.

One did not.

If you were offered a job with each of these potential employers, whom would you rather work for?

The man with a vision, right? That is the one I would choose.

Why? This man has a purpose, direction, and passion.

Stories ignite passion. They give us purpose and stimulate our creativity.

Stories give us a vision. What is your vision for 2017?