Peter wanted to put a movie together honoring Terry Fox.

He gathered all his facts and figures before meeting with the Board in Toronto but was met with much resistance.

First, they said he would need 100% support from his parents which was unlikely.

Second, he would need community support which was also unlikely.

Third, the money for this kind of project was unavailable.

Everything he presented was shot down. Peter left very discouraged, believing this was an impossible dream and decided to let it go.

He boarded a plane from Toronto to Minneapolis. Since there were only 3 passengers on this flight, the flight attendant said, “You can sit wherever you like”. All Peter wanted was to be alone. So he chose the very last seat on the plane.

A young girl followed him all the way to the back and sat down right next to him.

Peter grabbed the magazine out of the seat pocket and pulled it up over his head, giving a clear message that he didn’t want to talk.

The girl sat quietly giving Peter time to relax. Finally, she said, “Could I talk to you for a minute?” He responded quite abruptly, “I suppose.”

She said, “I’ve been following you for a long time and I know what you are doing. Then she pulled up her pant leg to show him her wooden leg. “It is because of you I am alive today. Don’t ever stop what you are doing.”

Peter couldn’t sleep that night. The one thing he knew, he had to pursue his dream. And he did.

Fulfilling your dream will impact more people than you can imagine.