“My goal is to help make your event a success.”

About Linda


Linda A Olson, a TEDx speaker and sought-after-story expert is the Founder & CEO of Wealth Through Stories. This former college dean, marriage and family therapist and award-winning entrepreneur combines decades of public-speaking and writing experience with her own moving story to form the basis of her program, Wealth Through Stories.


“I Empower Business Leaders & Mission-Driven people to Embrace their Story for more Influence, Impact & Income.”


As a speaker, Linda captivates audiences with engaging storytelling and thought-provoking questions.


As a trainer, Linda inspires and motivates her clients to learn quickly and remember more so that they can utilize valuable skills both personally and professionally.


As a story coach, Linda is an expert at helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and mission-driven people break through perceived barriers to discover their brand stories for maximum impact.


She says it like this:

“I take your life-experience
And turn it into the transformation
of lives by helping you
find the power and wealth in your story.”


She would be honored to speak with your group, virtually or in person.

What To Expect

  • A positive planning experience
    I know putting on an event is a big responsibility. My goal is to enhance your event and above all, exceed your expectations.

  • Prompt communication
    I will make every effort to respond to all your queries before, during and after the event as soon as possible.

  • Professional, Motivational & Powerful presentation
    that will encourage, energize and enhance your audience.


  • Follow-up communication
    to make sure I met or exceeded your expectations. I will also request your feedback to find out how I can improve!

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My Most Requested

What does a young person do when they are derailed from what they thought life was? What happens when life was, only a moment ago, a benevolent, sweet – and in the next moment darker than even the most imaginable nightmare? Truth be told, – It breaks you – Or you break it! It took work, – but Linda Olson broke it. She shattered it! Not in a moment but in weeks, months, and years of dedication to rising above the darkness and changing her story.

Today her mission is, “To Help You Embrace your Story & Impact Millions of People Each Year Through Story.” 

Find the Power in Your Story to Connect With Those Who Need You

Keynote, Workshop, Breakout Session, Pre/Post Conference Seminar

In this presentation your audience will leave with clarity, connection and courage as they discover answers to: What does your audience want that your story can solve? How can you be confident your story is connecting with your potential leads? What is the secret to grabbing hearts so others will listen?

As a Story Trainer, I discovered that finding the power in someone’s story was the key to unlocking their value. It is why I chose the title, Your Story is Gold, for my TEDx talk.

“It’s not that you don’t have a powerful story, it’s that you haven’t found the power in your story.”   – Linda Olson

Your Story is the Solution: Influence, Impact & Bring in More Income

Keynote, Workshop, Breakout Session, Pre/Post Conference Seminar

In this presentation, your audience will leave confident they have a story others want to hear, know how to rewrite their story for their target audience and discover five simple secrets that confirms their story is the greatest gift they can give to their clients.

As a story expert everything changed when my clients began seeing their story as a gift to serve others.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift (that’s your story), the purpose of life is to give it away.”   – Picasso

Your Story Brand: The Most Important Story You Need to Share & How to Tell It

Workshop, Breakout Session, Pre/Post Conference Seminar

In this hands-on presentation Leaders & Entrepreneurs will leave confident believing they have an important story others need to hear. They will find answers to:  How can I be confident I have a story? How do I know what story to tell? How does my story relate to my Who, What & Why?

As a Story trainer I discovered once someone finds their WHY, they find their purpose, and find fulfillment.

Owning our story and loving ourselves in the process is the bravest thing we will ever do.”    – Brene Brown

What Others Are Saying

“When I needed to revamp my story, I chose to work with Linda Olson. Linda’s coaching and support helped me transform my 25-minute story to a 6-minute story, something I wasn’t able to achieve for years. This enables me to say yes to more stages which leads to more income and more impact. Thanks Linda for working so closely with me on preparing an inspirational story that can change the lives of many people.”

Iman Aghay
International Expert Seaker, Ultimate Course Formula

Linda is a very compelling and engaging speaker who stands out from most speakers in her ability to connect with her audience in an honest and authentic way. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda as a speaker or trainer.”

Ms. Leslile J. Smith, B.A. Professional Corporation

“Linda brings with her an awesome energy to any event. As a speaker she has a powerfully unique ability to emotionally “case” the room and deliver an impressive message straight into the hearts of her audience. She makes an impact on everyone she meets through her words, actions and services she generously provides.”

Kathleen Mailer,
Aurora Publishing (Event Coordinator)