Connection equals currency.

As you position yourself to GIVE GENEROUSLY through on-line programs, prepare to strengthen your story or connect with people you haven’t connected with for some time or perhaps never met. If you do this, you are setting yourself up to Thrive. I am thrilled that several of the attendees of the Story Retreat have stepped forward during this season wanting to strengthen their story by either writing their book or learning to tell their story. They are positioning themselves for more clarity and clarity brings more success.

During this 21 Day Gratitude Challenge, besides stepping up in courage and clarity, I have chosen to intentionally step up with more connections and deeper connections. If any of you have followed me on facebook, you know that my facebook posts have not been real consistent. For the 21-day challenge and hopefully beyond, I am committed to posting every day in Amazing Storytellers as well as another group I’m in. I have also taken some of my programs on-line to develop a deeper connection. Having this kind of focused impact has already made a difference in my income particularly through an intense month. Connection equals currency.

Although our 21 day Challenge is coming to a close soon, it is not too late to jump on Amazing Storytellers Facebook page and join us for the last week. I want to hear what you have been up to and how I can help you strengthen your story. If you would like a 20 minute Story Strategy session, just go to www.wealththroughstories.com to sign up. I would love to hear about your story.