Three steps to Maximize your Story, Part C

Tom was a financial planner who wanted to be the kind of person who could stop the casual communication in a room when he entered. He knew that if he could make that kind of impact with co-workers, he could make that kind of impact with clients. He also realized that the same skill of impact could be used at home to influence his teenage sons. And he did! The key to positioning to tell your story is having clarity around the purpose of your story.


At Wealth Through Stories LIVE, we will position you to reach the people you want to reach through story. By the end of our event, you will not only know how to find stories with ease, you will have a simple story framework and know how to be sure you are reaching the person you want to reach. To register for Wealth Through Stories LIVE on March 13-14, go to www.wealththroughstories.com/story-retreat. With this New Year, I want everyone who knows they have a story or even if you aren’t sure you have a story to join us, so am offering you a $100 coupon to sign up. Just put in the code: wtsmember when you sign up.

Enjoy your 2020 story