Today, I thought I would share 10 insights I discovered as I set our 3,000 piece puzzle

  1. Ease – It began with ease as I organized the frame and put together the colorful birds.
  2. Clarity – I found a way to keep the pieces outside the frame of the puzzle which gave me clarity as I just focused on the animal or area I was working on. It reminded me of the importance to clear out the clutter.
  3. Focus – on just the area I was working on and things came together much more quickly.
  4. Perseverance – sometimes I would not find or get all the pieces right away, but as long as I persevered they eventually came together. I was reminded that I had been down the path of perseverance before and I, too, came to victory. I, too, would find victory on this path.
  5. Not right timing – WAIT, Because a previous piece wasn’t in, the one I was holding in my hand wouldn’t go in either.
  6. Listening – I listened to professional speakers who had persevered through some difficult challenges and are doing well. It was an encouragement to know that as I persevere things would also come together.
  7. Not as it appears – Just as in life, I discovered that things are often NOT as they appear. I found myself working through some new challenges.
  8. Accepted my uniqueness … I was filled with gratitude and recognized the uniqueness of my path and my calling.
  9. Perspective – when I focused on one area, that’s all I looked at, but as I stepped back the puzzle was like the world to me. I could impact any area.
  10. Almost there – When I was about ¾ of the way completed, I could see the end in sight. I had a renewed hope and encouragement seeing it come together.