Power of Gratitude 3, Simple Secret #4.

We’ve talked about 3 Simple secrets to Connecting: 1. Be grateful, 2. Take Initiative, 3. Take a Genuine Interest. Secret #4 may be the most powerful one of all – Listening from the heart.

At our first Story Retreat, we had opportunity to hear each other’s stories. One particular lady came with a big story but was still working through her healing process. I listened attentively and gave her my undivided attention.

When it came time to give my offer, she was the first one to say, “Where do I sign?”

Everyone has a story to tell and most people are dying to tell it. They just need a listening ear. As you approach someone with a heart of gratitude and LISTEN to their stories, you will be giving them one of the greatest gifts possible.

Shanda Sumpter says, “Connection equals currency.” Listening from the heart is the best way to connect with someone and connection leads to currency.

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