Last summer my husband & I strolled through the beautiful Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. What caught my attention were the words and picture that took us to the barren beginnings.

The Quarry WallsIt started with the Quarry Walls. “The barren rock face of the quarry presented Jennie Butchart with a challenge. She hung in a bosun’s chair to plant ivy in the crevices in the rock walls.” Now, over a century later it is known as one of the world’s premier floral show gardens.

This is the power of story. It can transport people from one place to another within seconds or minutes. It can take us from hopeless to hope, from discouragement to more courage, from despair to dreams beyond what we can imagine.

The same power exists within your story. You may not believe it, but I know you have stories from your own life that can bring hope, courage, joy, laughter and so much more. People are waiting to hear your stories. Join me as step by step we unfold the power of story to connect, to impact, to transform the lives around us.

Coming soon:

  • What Do People Really Want?
  • Embracing Your Story
  • What is the WOW for you?