Keys to Generosity

Key #1: Taking Initiative

One of our speakers, Barb Marshall, TV host and producer, interviews people on their powerful story and sends it to 161 countries through live-stream.

Another attendee, Kristine Halajyan, Video blogger, shared how she was contributing to her home country of Armenia.

A woman, new to our community, who we will call Mandy, was offering mini massages to introduce herself.

Key #2: Giving Generously

Barb runs a non-profit and is totally dependent on the donations of others. I shared with our little group that we can make a big difference by supporting Barb’s show, The Real Deal. The group gave generously.

Kristine raised $12,000 through her blogging to build two playgrounds in Armenia this summer.

Key #3. Showing kindness without expecting anything in return.

As I reached out to Mandy, I discovered this was her start-up business, so spent a few hours with her; giving her a video testimonial after experiencing a wonderful massage, videotaped her for her business in a beautiful setting as well as offered her some helpful marketing tips. More importantly, I helped her build a foundation. The real reward for me was the satisfaction of knowing I encouraged her to help get her business off the ground.

Giving from a generous heart is all part of our story.

If you would like to experience story, the best place is through our Story Retreat, called Wealth Through Stories LIVE which we do each Spring and Fall. We just returned from our fabulous fall Story Retreat and every attendee shared they experienced so much more than they expected. Several signed up immediately for the Spring Retreat. If this catches your interest, now is the best time to register for the Spring Retreat for March, 2020 since these fill up quickly. Just go to www.wealththroughstories.com/story-retreat to register. More details to come.