Welcome to Our Stories, our weekly storytellers blog.

Imagine you were on the beach and picked up a handful of sand. If every grain of sand represented a story in your life, how many stories do you think you would have? More than you could count, right? Everyone’s life is made up of hundreds and thousands of stories.

What are stories? Very simply, stories are experiences we share with one another. What is it then, that makes stories so powerful?

Consider this.

The last time you watched a good movie, what was it that drew you in?  That made that movie something you would remember well after the evening  was over? Of course. It was the story. Stories engage our interest. And the best stories are about people. Most likely, you remembered the story of that move because you identified in some way with a character in the movie. Identification is one of the ways we experience stories.

Michael Margolis says it well, “Storytelling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see.”

My name is Linda Olson. I’m a speaker, trainer, and story coach. I help ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories to connect with their neighbors, friends, audiences, and clients. To help these people see what you see. One of the most important things that people want today, and are willing to pay for, is experience. There is no better way to experience each other than through story. Storytelling is the  number one way to connect with each other.

Above anything, it is my desire to connect with you through this blog as we learn and interact through story. I hope that you will this weekly blog and also take the time to write and share your stories. Trust me, everyone has a story worth telling. Everyone has a story worth listening to.

Thank you for choosing to participate.