I was walking through a hotel lobby with my two-year old grandson when we spotted a beautiful big glass water container with a red, luscious strawberry.

After filling up our paper cups we set them on a coffee table next to the couch and enjoyed a short break together before heading to the beach.

Two hours later, we came through the same lobby and Wellington asked for a drink of water. I filled up the cup and he headed to the same spot where we drank it previously. However, this time, a lady, who would be returning momentarily, had left a few papers, a book and a bag of chips on the coffee table.

Our grandson, innocently walked up to where the bag of chips were and said, “WOW.” He was sure the chips were for him.

Seeing our grandson’s expression left an impression on me. I wondered, “What is the WOW in my everyday life? Do I stop and enjoy the moment or am I too busy racing to the next task and missing out on the joy of the moment? What would I need to experience that would trigger a “WOW” for me?

Then I realized, that’s what stories are all about — the experiences we encounter sometimes for our enjoyment, sometimes for our personal growth, sometimes for what may seem like for no reason at all.

What is the WOW for you?