Imagine walking into Starbucks to pick up your favorite drink. The next day you walk into the same Starbucks, purchase the same drink for the same price and walk out with a smile.

The only difference was the brief interaction with the young man or lady across the counter. Perhaps she complimented you on what you were wearing or wished you a pleasant day.  We often overlook the difference a few brief words or a smile can make. It may be the difference of giving someone a story to remember.

Stories are the Number One Way we connect with people.

My husband and I sat outside with our friend, Jim, on his front porch, enjoying a cup of tea. Jim and his lovely wife lived next to the busiest street in the city. As I commented on the huge Olive tree in the front yard, Jim told us a story.

Dove-Street-340x212_57837175_s-2015He said that one day a dove flew into their Olive tree, sat for a few minutes and then flew to the edge of the street. Without any concern, the dove walked across the street while the traffic light was green and once he got to the other side, he lifted his wings and flew off.

The more I thought about the story the more it impacted me. It was like destiny carried him across this busy street and then he was free to fly away.

Stories are the Number One Way to impact people.

People desire experience. The best way they can experience you is through story.

So, I say, why not story?